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Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is a vibrant metropolis on the Coromandel Coast, known for its rich tapestry of ancient temples, vibrant arts, natural wonders, and a bustling culinary scene. As the custodian of South Indian art forms like Bharatanatyam, Chennai reverberates with classical dance performances and its iconic cuisine, characterized by rich flavors and aromatic spices. The city's textile heritage is also evident in its silk sarees.

Chennai's architectural wonders include the ancient Kapaleeshwarar Temple and the San Thome Basilica, which offer glimpses into its illustrious past. The city's colonial legacy is evident in landmarks like Fort St. George, which houses the Secretariat Complex of the Government of Tamil Nadu. Beyond its rich heritage, Chennai offers modern marvels and natural charms, such as sprawling beaches, a bustling seaport, quirky cafes, and theme parks. Its status as the "Detroit of India" highlights its significance as a center for automobile manufacturing, contributing to its vibrant economy and industrial landscape.

The city's name is shrouded in history and legend, with its origins shrouded in history and legend. Initially known as Madras, it was later renamed Chennai in honor of Damal Chennappa Nayakkar, a Nayak ruler. In 1996, the government officially adopted the name Chennai, a testament to the city's rich heritage and cultural identity. As the gateway to South Indian art, culture, and traditions, Chennai welcomes travelers with open arms, inviting them on a journey of discovery and adventure.

Basic Information
Tamil, English
2,063 Square Miles
Time Zone
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May, June, July, August

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