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"A 14-Day Expedition of South India, Goa, and Mumbai"

17 Days 16 Nights

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Embarking on a 13 Nights & 14 Days tour through the enchanting landscapes of South India and the vibrant beaches of Goa is a journey that promises a kaleidoscope of experiences. This unforgettable adventure begins in the bustling city of Chennai, leading you through the culturally rich towns of Mahabalipuram and Tanjore, the spiritual city of Madurai, the serene beauty of Periyar, the historic Cochin, the lively beaches of Goa, and concludes in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai.

  • Explore Fort St. George and the Government Museum.
  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites – Shore Temple, Arjuna's Penance, and the Five Rathas.
  • Marvel at the grandeur of the Brihadeeswarar Temple.
  • Experience the divine Meenakshi Amman Temple.
  • Navigate Periyar National Park on a boat safari.
  • Discover the Mattancherry Palace and Jewish Synagogue.
  • Relax on the sun-soaked beaches of Calangute and Baga.
  • Visit the iconic Gateway of India and Marine Drive.
  • Explore the historic Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus.
  • Enjoy shopping and diverse culinary experiences in Colaba Causeway.
Basic Information
South India, Goa, Mumbai
Departure Time
07.30 AM GMT
Return Time
17.00 PM GMT
English, Hindi
  • Parking and Toll tax
  • Pick and Drop at time of arrival/departure
  • English-Speaking Guide: Knowledgeable guides to accompany you throughout the tour, providing valuable insights and assistance.
  • All tours and transfers by Personal Car is included
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  • Camera fee
  • Travel Insurance: Participants are encouraged to arrange their travel insurance to cover unforeseen events and emergencies.
  • Meals and Beverages: Meals and beverages not specified in the itinerary are not included in the tour package.
  • Personal Expenses: Expenses such as souvenirs, laundry, telephone calls, and additional activities beyond the itinerary are not covered.
  • Gratuities: Tipping for guides, drivers, and hotel staff is not included and is at the discretion of the traveler.
  • Optional Activities: Costs associated with optional activities and excursions not mentioned in the itinerary are the responsibility of the traveler.

Tour Plans

  • Day 1-3Chennai - Gateway to the South

    Your journey starts in Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu. Begin your exploration by visiting the historic Fort St. George, built by the British East India Company. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage at the Government Museum and National Art Gallery. Don't miss the vibrant markets of George Town, offering a taste of local life.

    Next, head to Mahabalipuram, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its ancient rock-cut temples and intricate carvings. Marvel at the Shore Temple, Arjuna's Penance, and the Five Rathas. Relax on the pristine beaches or indulge in water sports.

  • Day 4-6Tanjore - Art and Architecture

    Proceed to Tanjore, renowned for its magnificent Brihadeeswarar Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Explore the palace complex and the Saraswathi Mahal Library, housing rare palm leaf manuscripts. Witness the traditional art of Tanjore painting and immerse yourself in the city's artistic ambiance.

  • Day 7-8Madurai - The Soul of Tamil Nadu

    Journey to Madurai, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Visit the Meenakshi Amman Temple, an architectural marvel with its towering gopurams and intricate sculptures. Explore the bustling markets of the city and witness the vibrant culture that has thrived for centuries.

  • Day 9-10Periyar - Nature's Retreat

    Head to Periyar, a haven for nature lovers. The Periyar National Park offers a unique opportunity to explore wildlife through boat safaris. Enjoy a trek through the spice plantations, learning about the region's biodiversity. The tranquil setting of Periyar Lake and the surrounding hills provides a perfect escape.

  • Day 11-12Cochin - History and Harbor

    Continue to Cochin, a city shaped by its historic port. Visit the Mattancherry Palace, the Jewish Synagogue, and the iconic Chinese Fishing Nets. Immerse yourself in the cultural fusion evident in the architecture and flavors of this coastal city. Enjoy a Kathakali dance performance, showcasing the traditional art form of Kerala.

  • Day 13-14Goa - Beach Bliss and Nightlife

    Fly to Goa, a perfect blend of sun, sand, and sea. Relax on the pristine beaches of North Goa, such as Calangute and Baga. Explore the vibrant markets of Anjuna and indulge in water sports. Discover the rich history of Old Goa, with its churches and cathedrals. As the sun sets, experience the lively nightlife that Goa is famous for.

  • Day 15Mumbai - The City of Dreams

    Conclude your journey in Mumbai, the bustling metropolis and the heart of Bollywood. Visit the Gateway of India, Marine Drive, and the historic Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus. Explore the vibrant Colaba Causeway for shopping and indulge in the diverse culinary scene.

    In summary, this 13 Nights & 14 Days tour through South India and Goa offers a diverse tapestry of experiences, from cultural immersion in ancient temples to the tranquility of nature in Periyar, and the lively atmosphere of Goa's beaches. Each destination adds a unique flavor to this journey, leaving you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

  • Day 15-16Periyar - A Sanctuary for Wildlife

    Proceed to Periyar, home to the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Enjoy a boat safari on Periyar Lake, providing an opportunity to spot elephants, deer, and various bird species. Explore the spice plantations and take a nature walk in the lush surroundings.

  • Day 17Kumarakom - Backwaters and Birdlife

    End your wildlife odyssey with a visit to Kumarakom, known for its backwaters and bird sanctuary. Cruise through the serene backwaters on a houseboat, marveling at the picturesque landscapes. Visit the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, a haven for migratory birds.

  • Day 18Kovalam - Relax by the Sea

    Conclude your wildlife tour in the coastal town of Kovalam. Relax on the pristine beaches, indulge in water sports, and savor local seafood. Reflect on your incredible journey through the diverse landscapes and ecosystems of South India.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the duration of the South India, Goa, and Mumbai tour?

    The tour spans 14 days and 13 nights.

  • Which cities are covered in the itinerary?

    The tour covers Chennai, Mahabalipuram, Tanjore, Madurai, Periyar, Cochin, Goa, and Mumbai.

  • What are the main attractions in Chennai?

    Fort St. George, Government Museum, National Art Gallery, and the vibrant markets of George Town.

  • Which UNESCO World Heritage sites are visited during the tour?

    Mahabalipuram's Shore Temple, Arjuna's Penance, and the Brihadeeswarar Temple in Tanjore.

  • What cultural experiences are included in Tanjore?

    Visitors can witness traditional Tanjore painting and explore the artistic ambiance of the city.

  • What is the highlight of Madurai?

    The Meenakshi Amman Temple and the vibrant markets showcasing the city's rich cultural heritage.

  • What activities are available in Periyar?

    Boat safaris in Periyar National Park, trekking through spice plantations, and enjoying the tranquility of Periyar Lake.

  • What are the must-visit attractions in Cochin?

    Mattancherry Palace, Jewish Synagogue, Chinese Fishing Nets, and a Kathakali dance performance.

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